“Life is music”
Sebastien Legz is an Argentinian recording artist, producer, remixer, live performer and DJ. His interest in electronic music dates back to his adolescence, mainly thru techno and house music. Born in 1980, dj’ing came as second nature to him and soon enough so was producing. Music is his first love, worldwide searches for new melodies, unknown and ignored talents are part of his everyday life. 
“Creating a special atmosphere for a unique moment” this creed can be heard in the details of Sebastien’s original productions as well as how he crafts his dj sets.

partial discography:

Nice Dream EP (Estimulante Audio Records)
Kafonia Star (Area Sur Records)
One Day Before The Return EP (Stasis Recordings)
Lucid Dreaming (Kill Beat Records)
Memories Of A Present (Stasis Recordings) 
Your On My Mind All Day EP (Deep Edition Recordings)
Exciter EP (Elektrotribe Records)

Sebastien Legz . Cordoba, ARG

Stasis Recordings, Deep Edition Recordings