Mathias Matthew . Chicago, USA

Migrashun, Stasis Recordings

Starting from humble beginnings Mathias Matthew has grown over the years to become one of the most technically skilled performers of this generation. Throughout the years he has gained the knowledge which influenced his production, promotion, and performance. Getting his start on the flyer team of Necto in Ann Arbor, MI paved the way for many things to come. Since then, Mathias has performed at numerous venues in Detroit including: Bleu Room, The Works, DEMF 2004, The Finite Gallery, Northern Lights, State Theatre, Centre Street, and Oslo…just to name a few. 
In addition to performing, Mathias also worked on numerous production projects including the likes of Departure (The Works Monthly) and Brio with Derek Fox.  Brio produced the “Drip” events, which brought a new unique spin to Detroit’s electronic community. Brio used blank canvas venues to emphasize the performers while complimenting the venue with minimal eccentric visuals. 
After relocating to Chicago in the fall of 2007 and establishing himself thru gigs and associations with local promoters and event organizers. Mathias created his brainchild known as “Migrashun” along with Ari Frank in 2009 as an outlet “for the young, unique, and gifted producers and performers to prove their worth and to mature within the industry” . Over the past 3 years, Migrashun has become a force in Chicago’s vibrant dance music scene providing audiences throughout the world with superior musical entertainment in an unquestionable atmosphere of professionalism and consumer satisfaction. 

In 2011, Mathias moved away from the “norm” and moved into incorporating Ableton and midi controllers into his live performances, playing what some might label a hybrid set of edits, tracks and samples in rapid rotation. 

partial discography:

Melody Is Not Your Enemy EP (iElektronix Recordings)
We Are All Weird EP (Stasis Recordings)
Forget Your Regrets (Apollo)