SanthiAgo aka Andrea Vecchio .  Bologna, ITA

Soluxion Records, Bleepsequence

Andrea Vecchio aka SanthiAgo is an Oboe player trained in classical music. While pursuing his studies he quickly found himself expanding and absorbing different types of music outside of classical to gain a broader knowledge of composition and sonic architecture. listening to songs running the full spectrum from rock to jazz, drum & bass to techno, nothing was left unturned.  During this time he took a particular liking to electronic dance music coming from the experimental category, keenly interested in artists like Aphex Twin for their use of different rhythms, ambience, sonorities, and harmonies.

A move to Bologna put Andrea squarely in the underground scenes of minimal, techno, and house music. Finishing his Conservatory there allowed him to follow the pulse of dance culture while simultaneously continuing his exploration of  experimental electronic music.

the leftfield IDM sensibilities of Murcof, Mouse On Mars, and others, mixed with mainstream acts like Bjork, Thievery Corporation, and Radiohead, along with Andrea's classical training have yielded a very unique and wondrous blend in his personal production work. Which can currently be heard thru the various labels he has released material on.

partial discography:

In The Jungle EP (Mircolabel)
The Game Of Life (Microlabel)
Walking Slowly EP (Bleepsequence)
Trip EP (Nu Label)
Riot In My Head EP (Stasis Recordings)